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Now I know you can get the official Nintendo VB headphones. I’ll likely pick those up for collection purposes.

I’m after some to actually use with my VB. I prefer over the ear cup type headphones. Been looking at these and wonder what peoples opinions were?:

What headphones are everyone using with theirs?

I’d be after unbranded ones to kinda look like they should go with the VB of that makes sense. Ie done want Sony with Nintendo etc.

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How about these?

How do you play your VB Lee?

I’m having all kinds of shoulder aching issues with mine lol

speedyink wrote:

How about these?

I don’t think I’d get on with those. Bit fiddle looking. I’m used to over the head, band, type ones. Cheap though. 🙂

I’ve only played Mario Tennis for one match. I literally had the unit on my lap, sat down and arched forward.

I used to play my first one with the unit on it’s stand on my bed and me knelt on the floor beside the bed. Quite comfortably if I remember correctly. Think I may of even played lying on the bed wit the VB just resting on my shoulders and head.

I’ve decided on these after browsing hundreds on ebay. I thought they’d fit the VB’s styling rather well and they aren’t overly branded with the makers logo. I’ll let you know what they are like once they arrive.

Interesting – I’ll pick some up if the red matches pretty closely! 🙂

I’ll be sure to take a side by side photo for you.

A good picture to show their size…


Those seem really nice, and a perfect match! The square earpieces almost look like a big pixel to go with the video game theme 🙂

In case you wanted a cheap, unbranded earbud alternative I recommend these Sentry ear hook things. I get them here in the USA at Family Dollar for about $5 (this picture is of a slightly advanced type with a microphone control or something). They come with different-sized (and black) silicone covers. I’m enough of a snob with earbuds that I used to only buy this one particular Sony variety, but the sound on these is surprisingly awesome for the price. Very light and comfy, plus the silicone covers help isolate lots of outside noise 🙂


L___E___T wrote:
Interesting – I’ll pick some up if the red matches pretty closely! 🙂

Here’s some photo comparisons for you. The head band is quite a few shades away but the actual ear pieces match closer. The phones are cheap to buy and they do feel delicate but I’m not going to bash them about and they are for exclusive use with my VB. I’ve not used them yet so unsure on sound quality.

Thanks for the snaps – I like them, if only you could swap the KS for letters VB 🙂

In seriousness, you could probably get some Virtual branding applied somewhere somehow. There are similar headphones that allow the plates to be switched out etc.

Darn, this thread is making realize I should have bought my Koss Porta Pros in red!!

They are fantastic headphones, great value (40 bucks), and the design dates back to the mid 80s. They are still being made today. Cant help but feel its a great style match to the Virtual Boy too.


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