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Hello everyone. I’m (sort of) new to the world of Virtual Boy. I have fond memories of playing several games years back at my friend’s house, namely Galactic Pinball (Welcome to SpaceWorld….let’s GO!) and the super awesome WarioLand. Anyhow, I recently came upon THESE games in a swap:

3-D Tetris
Mario’s Tennis
Panic Bomber (Japanese)
Verticle Force

…And I have WarioLand, Galactic Pinball, Tetris, Baseball, Mario Clash, and TeleroBoxer back home in my storage unit. (2,000 miles away… 🙁 ) I’m wondering what I should pay for a good working VB…and what OTHER games are out there. I know about the several Japan-only games, like Insmouth (sp) What IS that game anyhow? A corridor shooter like Doom, or??
Anyhow, any help for a “newbie” would be much appreciated, and I’m looking forward to many good things here. To the creator(s) of this site…GREAT job!! I didnt think anyone else even REMEMBERED this awesome system!

Oh….on a side note….I remember my buddy having a coat hanger and a strap rigged-up so he could ‘wear’ his VB…is there any official headgear or a place/person that provides instruction on how to MAKE such a device? I always hated having to hunch over that awful little tripod thing.

Thanks everyone. 😎


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hey thundarr, thanks for the praise, and welcome!
to answer some of your question i want to point you to our insmouse review and video to give you an idea what the game is like, and the redhead or vb head band building instructions.


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