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Hello everyone. My name is Bret, I’m a gaming fanatic who recently bought a Virtual boy after running into one at a thrift store. I hadn’t seen one since the first and only time I ever saw one at an electronics store when I was kid. So I snatched it up as soon as I tested it out to make sure it still worked fine, no problems yet. I decided to join this site incase I encountered any problems in the future or need game recommendations.

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what games do you have?

Mario Clash, Tennis, and Wario.

Hi, Bret!

Congrats on getting one that doesn’t exhibit display problems!

I would definitely get Galactic Pinball and Red Alarm.

If you like shmups, there’s Vertical Force.

Panic Bomber is a decent puzzle game, as is V-Tetris.

Basically, get any VB game you can get your hands on, since there are so few, but I would focus on these first (depending on your preferences).

And, of course, get a FlashBoy if you can 😉

Thanks for the suggestions, I plan on trying to get as many of the games as possible I meant suggestions on order. What is a flash boy?

Out of curiosity, two of my games didn’t come with the black dust caps, how necessary are they to keeping the contacts clean? / Do you know were I might be able to buy some extras?

The Flash Boy is a fantastic bit of kit manufactured by KR155E, the administrator of this site. It is a Virtual Boy Flash Cartridge similar to the likes that are popular on the GBA and DS systems, ie you can use it to develop or play homebrew (which you can also find on this site) and play back ups of your Virtual Boy games thus keeping your contacts preserved as you said earlier. I have recently bought one and cant recommend it enough, thanks vectrexer! Easy to use and just great!! KR155E is currently busy manufacturing batch 6. Get your name on his list, you will not be disappointed!!

Thats awesome! How much do they cost? I have very little extra money to spend at the moment so unless they are cheap, which I’d imagine they are not, then there is no way I can afford on right now or for a while. How often does he make new ones?

I bought mine off another user of this site. If you purchase one I think it will cost roughly 90 euros with 35 euros for full insurance and delivery to the US. That all works out at 175 US dollars with the convertor I used. How often the batches are released, I cant answer that one!


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