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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Anson and I have been a long time fan of the virtual boy. I’ve also lurked around this board for a long time. I actually joined back in 2009 sons figured it was time to break the ice. I’m still building my collection and will hopefully be purchasing a flash boy here soon. It’s good to be here. It seems like this is a really great community. I know I will have tons of questions along the way and look forward to contributing. Cheers.

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Greetings and welcome.

It is always exciting to hear of new individuals with plans to contribute to this great community.

Welcome! Even if you technically joined before me =P

speedyink wrote:
Welcome! Even if you technically joined before me =P

That’s funny. Just glad to finally stop lurking.

Welcome! You have to be extremely shy to introduce yourself to 6 years after registration =p

Hello and welcome. This place is a wealth of knowledge and friendly people who are more than willing to help with any problems (virtual boy related or not, lol).
Enjoy you stay.


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