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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself to the community and plan on integrating in depth within the world of Virtual Boy. I just restored a VB with a display issue, and let me tell you, this is a beautiful feat of engineering! It almost hurts to think about how this system was sooo overlooked. I am a game collector, and I love everything I have, but nothing is quite like the virtual boy. There’s just something about it that I cant quite place my finger on, I suppose it seems to embody some strange kind of nostalgia, even though I’ve never had one and only heard and acquired one recently. Anyway, hello to everyone- I look forward to bringing something to the table and have many good discussions with you all!

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Welcome! I’m sure you’ll find a lot of us with a high regard to the this system, no one can argue it wasn’t ahead of its time. I never had one at release either, my first exposure was about the year 2000 or so. I still had a blast with it even then, and that experience prompted me to start collecting (whenever I joined this site, 2012?)
In fact, the VB was the first system I bought when I got into collecting (Although collecting wasn’t exactly the idea at the time, it just turned into that =P)

Enjoy the awesomeness that is the Virtual Boy 🙂


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