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I’m a gameripper for a VG music community. For the LONGEST TIME now I have been dying to do some gamerips of VB game since virtually none exist. Primarily, if nothing else, VB Wario Land.

Red Dragon does not seem to emulate sound on the game and even if it did I’d have no way to record the music so I can time it to loop, tag it, name it, etc etc.

Can anyone help? Is there any emulator out there that can emulate and record sound from VB games or if not is anyone willing to rip the soundtrack to the game? Thanks.

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At the moment no emulators currently exist with sound support.

I personally am also interested in creating a VB equivalent of NSF/GBS/SPC/whatever, but that would mean access to the source code of something actually able to produce sound…

Yeah, there aren’t any emulators that can do sound well (Red Dragon has VERY basic sound support). I ripped a bunch of sounds a long time ago… and IIRC someone else did too, but I don’t remember who. I just recently saw my disc with the rips on it though, but I have no idea whether I knew what I was doing or not when I ripped them, since I did them at least 4-5 years ago. Drop me an email at virtual.boy – comcast.net if you want me to dig up the CD and email you the files (I don’t remember how many games I ripped them of either).


As stated before the Mac Emulator ViBe does support sound fairly well, and has for some time. Of cource Richard is a bit of a smuck since he ows me a bucket load of details for all the help I gave him but that is another story.

Here is a sample from Teleroboxer recorded with ViBE (it is very short due to the limited file size, but the sound is very good, it is the intro video)
And there’s also a sample from VB Wario Land (the sound is also very good if you like the sounds effects ^^)

If you want, Dubble, I can rip all the VB Wario Land music in mp3 (and without sounds effects, if possible)

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Hey I just thought of something. Can’t you use the vb’s headphone socket as a line-out and plug it in to your line-in on your pc’s soundcard? Sorry if you’ve thought of this before…

Yes, I’ve thought of that before and that seemed to be a good idea but actually, that doesn’t work very good : the sound is very loud and there’s too much noises and interferences so the sound is awful…

I have a pretty good sound card (SB Audigy something or other) so I tried getting music of the VB by using the headphone socket as a line-out. There is a bit of distortion, but it’s not that bad. Anyway, here’s music from Mario Clash:

If you want me to record some Wario Land stuff like you originally wanted, then I can do that for you 🙂


Yes, I know, but I hate this sort of distortion. I also have a very good sound card (Edirol, the last one) There is the intro of Mario Clash, but passed in a noise reduction filter

Heh. I was too lazy to do noise reduction on mine XD It sounds useable though. It’d be cool to do some VB music remixes or something. I’m trying to work out the Vertical Force theme on guitar. I want to work out the first level music too. It’s great 🙂

I’m working on a remix of the Teleroboxer theme and on an other remix of the 2nd level (Sinister forest) theme of Panic Bomber

Nuts – I hope its not too late. Shortly after I made this post I was gone for several months without internet due to a massive computer failure. While browsing Wikipedia I suddenly remembered the post that I’d made ages ago here.

Ive downloaded the test tracks that were put up and I am still VERY MUCH interested in a rip of this game if anyone would be so kind as to take the music from it. It sucks that theres no VB emulator with sound outside of ViBe. (And unfortunately I don’t own a Mac) 🙁

Any help in completing this project would be greatly appreciated.

To be honest, if anyone could rip them as rough wavs and upload them to sendspace, I would be more than willing to do the grunt work involved with looping/encoding/etc. as a way of making it quicker and easier. 🙂

Thanks again!


I uploaded a zip with all my rips in mp3 format… unfortunately I ripped them in mono, and only the games that I had at the time (long time ago), so it’s not that great, but maybe it’ll be of some use to you.

And I had never used sendspace, but I think this should work: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tmqyzc .



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