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Be a Bad Guy and Team Up with Devious Wario in a Virtual Underground World!

Yikes!!! Get ready for a devious treasure hunt with the infamous scheming Wario. Capture the shining gold and vast treasures locked deep inside a hidden cave. But, beware of poison ponds, perilous prisons, endless walls and creepy woods!

Make a quick change into Sea Dragon Wario, Eagle Wario or Bull Wario and utilize their mighty strengths. Blow away enemy cave defenders with body attacks and power actions. Succeed in this greedy plot to seize the riches of this underground world and find this key to freedom!

  • Wario returns, and this time he’s gone VIRTUAL!
  • Incredible 3-D graphics and astounding levels of scheming action!
  • Amazing multi-dimensional cave environments take you deep into a secret underground world!
  • New enemies and bosses increase the fun and challenge!
  • Working Title: Wario Cruise
  • Working Title: Wario's Treasure Hunt
Game Details
Players: 1 Player
ROM Size: 16 MBit
Save Option: SRAM
Release Status: Released
Year: 1995