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I’ve searched for this game on the internet and I haven’t found it because I can’t remember what it was called. It was something I got in the age of all the Tiger Electronic handheld games, only this game was much more advanced than those. I don’t think it was made by Tiger, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, it was a game where you control a fighter plane and try to blow up other planes, and the actual game resembled a black stealth-looking fighter. At the back of it was a visor that you look into, very much like the Virtual Boy. There is no stand, you just hold it up to your face the whole time. It had a red rubber ring around the visor area, if I remember correctly. On the top of the unit were all the buttons, including the action buttons that rest under your fingers while you play the game.

And finally, the game had motion sensors that you used to move your fighter around. There was a green LCD-type backlit display inside the viewer and you play the game by looking into it and physically moving the unit around to change direction. There was a radar map in the HUD that you can use to find ships, and then you basically just try to shoot everything down. Then there were buttons for fire and other various things.

Is this description ringing any bells? I’d like to remember what this game was called, so I could try to find one again.

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I’ve seen this thing, and I’m 98% sure it was Tiger Electronics brand, but I don’t remember the name of it and I can’t find a pic online, sorry…

I also remember seeing a tank one that works the same way, but it was, of course, vaguely tank-shaped with a desert camo (white/tan/brown/black) color scheme. I’m not sure if it had the motion sensing controls, though, since it didn’t have batteries in it.

It very well may be Tiger, my memory is too fuzzy to rule it out. I checked the Tiger section on this website though and I couldn’t find it.


OMG I finally found it! I’ve literally spent hours trying to find this thing. It’s called the “Stealth Assault” by Radica and this is what it looks like:

Now I need to find more information on it.

Nice one, I ordered one already :p

http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksid=p4634.m570.l1313&_nkw=radica+Stealth+Assault&_sacat=See-All-Categories not that expensive, and can always sell it for nearly the same price if you end up to dislike it.

The top one in that list seems to be a ripoff in comparison to the others. 😛

Those prices aren’t too bad. I’d almost like to pick one up, but I just bought another VB so I might hold off.

I wonder how the display works inside this game? I remember it was like a green(ish) on black mono display with a backlight, and when you look into the visor it gives you about the same size screen as the virtual boy. There is only one screen so no 3D effects.

The gameplay is pretty simple but surprisingly fun. You look pretty weird playing it though, because you have to move your head around to move your ship, all while holding this up to your face. Anyone else remember playing it?

Here is the Tank Assault game by Radica, mentioned earlier. I never played this one, but it looks very similar.

A screen in glasses, you have to move your head to control? This sounds like early prototype Virtual Reality stuff! Now I’m compelled to get one, too. Especially since it’s fun.

It’s not as high tech as it sounds (the tilt sensors are pretty basic), but it’s more fun than probably 80% of the cheap electronic games of the 90’s. Probably worth $20-30 for the novelty of it.

Oh, man. There’s a GREAT offer on a collection of four of these consoles for 15 bucks on there right now. Too bad the guy only ships in the US. 🙁

Those other games from Radica are not as cool as the Stealth Assault. But if you’re a vintage game collector that’s a pretty good deal.

I used to “try” these out for some time in walmart when they were new, and I recall them being quite fun! The one I recall most is tank assault..ahh sweet nostalgia.

Memories aside, I am now interested in purchasing them all.
However I am finding it quite difficult to find much information online.
I can only recall three of them (but maybe that was all that was released) :
Tank Assault
Sub Assault
Stealth Assault

Do any of you have any of them/can record a video or take some pictures of them when they’re on?


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