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To all collectors,

I am requesting help on restoring me Virtual Boy Store Display. Yesterday one of the pipes in my basement suddenly blew and flooded my basement. My Virtual Boy Store display and in the line of fire and was totall soaked. I have a backup VB so that’s a relief. The Store Display I have is from Design Phase: Platform Display which has 2 windows on the left & Right sides. Oh… the inserts are ruined……ah….oh… the are smugged and I don’t know where I can get them. I cannot scan them or I wouldn’t be so miserable. Inside the VB I had my beloved SD Gundam Dimension wars which got fried, the label is intact but cart will not start. ( I have the game bits to open them and tried) I totally opened the VB to salvage the parts and now I’m building an eprom reader/writer so NOW I can preserve my collection. Would any kind sole please help this dedicated user & collecter to save my baby? If possible someone remake an insert or send me a scan (High Resoultion) of the two inserts so I can get it commercially printed loaclly. I’m desperate to get it repaired. Thank you in advance if you are the one to help . Last remark, although the hardware is damaged,I will not be selling any of my hard/software even if they are damaged. It’s my life’s collection. I’ll post my collection after I have everything working.

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Hey emul8this!

Veeery bad thing, I feel sorry for you 🙁 Especially the Gundam… I’m gonna send you some high-res scans of the inserts I found on my HDD.


Thanks a million


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