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You might have already read it in our forums a few weeks ago, but this is way too cool to not mention it here, that there is a 3D engine in the works for the Virtual Boy. Dan Bergman is porting Yeti, a software-based 3D engine for GBA, GP32 and other platforms, over to the VB. Currently titled VB3D, it has already been successfully ported over, but to the cost of several features such as lighting. Besides adding those and probably some more features to the program, the most important tasks to accomplish are to make the engine stereoscopic, as it still puts out the same image for both eyes, and speeding it up. Especially the last mentioned thing will be the a huge step to do, since the engine currently runs at only 0.1 frames per second, and that without any stereoscopy. There is still plenty of room for optimization, though. I can only wish you the best luck with it, Dan, if this baby really gets finished one day, – in terms of running at a decent speed – this will probably be the best to ever happen to the Virtual Boy after VB Wario Land. ;-D

Below are two screenshots of the latest version of VB3D. For a little screenshot history of it and for future images click here.


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This is bloody amazing! Has Dan showed anymore progress for this 3D engine for the VB? This still has potential for the community 🙂


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