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Hi everyone! Havent posted on this thread in a long time, but it’s the bomb when it comes to Virtual Boy stuff πŸ™‚

I got a Virtual Boy Power Pack, which slides onto the VB controller, now its a US Virtual Boy… and i think the AC Power Pack thingy is Japan…

Now i dont know what AC adapter i plug into the tap, sick of using batteries and do not want to fry my VB with the wrong voltage

I live in Australia so having a NTSC Virtual Boy, and i assume a Jap AC Tap… and only PAL related AC adapters (super nintendo ac adapters etc)

What should i do? I heard the Super Nintendo/Nintendo ones work, but i tried my super nintendo one and had no luck, it didnt power on – maybe the VB ac adapter Tap isnt getting a good enough connection on the controller??

Any help would be magnificent – thank you!



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Well, I know US Super Nintendo plugs work with the Virtual Boy tap, but I think using a PAL Super Nintendo plug may fry it 😯

It won’t fry it since they (snes adapters) always output 9V no matter what input they are designed for.

But I think US snes adapters uses a proprietary plug, so a PAL adapter won’t even fit?

Anyways, any adapter that fits and says 9V on it will work (as long as the polarity is correct ofcourse)


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