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I just got my Virtual Boy last week from eBay, it came with the system, stand (with a crack in it..) controller (w/batt. pack) and wario land. I was happy with it, even though I don’t have the eye cover. I noticed soon after playing it, that the lens on my left side was giving me some kind of scan lines. it only appears on that side, if i close my left eye, i don’t see them anymore and if i close my right eye i see them more clearly. any ideas what the heck is wrong with my system!? I am getting frustrated because it makes my eye REALLY hurt (only the left eye) after playing for like 5 min! I also just got marios tennis and I cant enjoy that game either due to the same problem so I know its not the games, but it is the system. any help will be much appreciated, THANK YOU!!!! :thumpup:

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Yup… that’s the typical flex cable problem where the cable that attaches the display to the motherboard begins to peel away from the display PCB. Unfortunately there’s no simple fix… the best way I’ve come up with is opening the system up, removing the display, sticking it in the oven to re-melt the adhesive, and reassemble.

It’s not a difficult procedure, except that the typical security bit can’t get to the deepest screws on the VB, so you either need a modified bit, or modify a screwdriver.

I’ve got a how-to on my site: http://www.virtual-boy.org/projectvb/projects/DisplayFix.htm , and if you look at other posts on this forum you’ll see MANY other posts with similar problems, and quite a few of them have had good luck using the oven trick.


BTW, KR155E, why isn’t there a sticky about the display lines? πŸ˜›



Listen to your eye! It’s trying to tell you that something is wrong!

No long-term studies have been done on this, but it is not worth losing your eyesight or getting migranes or whatever just to play a few games!

Okay, I think that’s enough after-school special πŸ˜‰

BTW, welcome to the site!

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RunnerPack wrote:
BTW, KR155E, why isn’t there a sticky about the display lines? πŸ˜›

honestly i don’t know, but there is one now. πŸ˜‰

well thanks guys for helping me haha xD i will give it a try, i think i have the bit somewhere, i used it to open NES carts one time, is it the same shape do you know? THANKs!!!! ^_^


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