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Yo. I just bought a Virtual Boy at my local video game store after seeing Avgn’s review of it. Well here’s my thought on it. First off I get a headache and blurred vision after playing it for 5 minutes. second The only games I have for it are Mario Clash and Mario Tennis. Now I have a brand new boxed copy of Mario Clash never before opened. So is it worth keeping it sealed?

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Haha, the angry video game nerd is awesome hey!

it depends really, if you dont like getting blurred vision and getting a headache after 5 minutes then just download the rom of mario clash and download a emulator on this site and play it on ur computer, if u wanna play it on the real thing and dont intend in paying another 20+ dollars for another copy of the game just open it and play it on the real thing,
your choice really, have a look on the site for a review on the game or find one the games alright, but its repetitive and quite a challenge.

Well I was just wondering how rare or how much a sealed copy is worth. Oh and how easy would it be to play some of those homebrew VB games like Mario Kart Virtual Cup on an actual Virtual Boy? What exactly would I need?

Oh and I turned it on today and the screens were different. screen two was higher up than screen one so it looked all messed up. How do I fix this?

There’s a thread called something like “VB screen glitch problem” that sits at the top of the main discussion board.

Regarding the headache, did you set the IPD and focus correctly?

Well I got another Virtual Boy and it doesn’t work either! 🙁

I have played even 1 hour and a half with my VB and I have never have headaches because of the VB. And I easily get headaches for example after some nights working at the office because of the artificial light, heat and the computer screens. But I see that every people is different with this special console 😛 😀



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