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Hello everyone!
I’ve been lurking on the site for a little while now, but today I joined. Its a very special day for me today. As I also bought a brand new in the box VB off ebay…
Sorry if I was bidding against any of you, but damn… I really needed that Virtual Boy.
I know I will be temped to open it up… you know that “nintendo” smell??? Its like nothing else on this planet… better than coccain.

Its soo good to see such a strong following for this system. Congratuations on the excelent site, a wealth of information… every night I try to learn just a tad more about the mystery of the VB.

I had a VB in 1998… But sold it cause I was young and stupid…

I came across a copy of Red Alarm in a pawn show a few months ago, and that resparked my love for the VB.

I currently work with AutoCad 2008, and the wireframe models I make look just like the levels in Red Alarm!
I was thinking it might not be to hard to somehow use the Autocad program to help create new levels?
I guess i’am just dreaming right now… but I really think there are some very tallented people on this board.
The autocad just might be what you guys need.

I was going through all the videos on Youtube… did you guys happen to see the split second of footage of the F1 car racing? Looked pretty sweet.

Its such a shame that Nintendo pulled the plug early… I know you all feel the same… a crying shame indeed.

Also another crying shame is seeing that DEV kit used as a door stopper.
We seriously need to break into that place and steal that kit!

Anyways I just wanted to say Hi and a thank you all at the same time.
(teared up eyes)


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what place uses the dev kit as a door stopper?

Team17’s UK offices, but don’t bother, they don’t reply (I already tried to exchange that VBoy for a stone… the perfect door stopper!)

Actually, they’ve already thrown it away… 🙁

they are idiots!


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