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I just got a virtual boy today, and i wanted to say , Hello!
I admire your amazing work here, you literally gave the virtual boy a second life! My only cartridge is a flasboy +, ordered long time ago. I love collecting and playing retrogames in general.

My world is red today 😉

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Welcome! You’ll find it’s a good community to be a part of 🙂

Welcome to the club 🙂

New too, from France
I found a VB 3 days ago after weeks of research…
You are very lucky to have a Flashboy, it seems to be impossible to find one anymore…


Welcome! Glad to have ya!

Welcome! 🙂

Regarding the comment above, “You are very lucky to have a Flashboy, it seems to be impossible to find one anymore…”

I had mine made just 2 months ago–i think they are still available (flashboy +).

Welcome to the new user! im fairly new myself but an avid devote of the VB.

I asked Richard Hutchinson who told me he doesn’t make cards anymore…

Yea the’re not being made anymore. The user above must have just made the cutoff as it just recently ended. I missed it as well. Waiting on Mellots Multicart now.

Production has recently stopped until further notice.

Luckily there’s the multi cart to look forward to, or keep your eyes peeled for a used one. Sounds like someone on here is selling an original flashboy. I rarely use the save feature in mine anyway, so that’s not a bad way as long as you don’t spend to much (over $100)

If someone hear about a flashboy being sold, i’m interesting…


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