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Is it me or is it only possible to go and see the highscores through going to games and then check highscores there? It would be nice if there is a direct link to it (and maybe I am just overlooking it lol).

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Yes, that’s true. And there’s the TOP 10 block on the front page. I don’t see a better way to do this.

BTW, congrats for taking first place. 😉

Hehe, thanks for the congratz. Too bad there is no direct link, but at least we have the option for it and that is cool as it is!

I now see there is a highscore top 10 on the FP indeed, I never noticed that. That is kind of what I was after 😉

You could add “High-Scores” last in the GAME-dropdown menu…

Hmm… wouldn’t that be more confusing than useful?

I don’t know, if it’s used a lot it would be convenient, shortest way there if you haven’t bookmarked it is to choose 3D Tetris from the GAMES/Released Games menu and then the click Highscores tab – unless you want to check the scores on a specific game.


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