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Would it be possible to start accepting screenshot submissions in .png format as well? jpeg compression is especially cruel to red colors, and there tends to be alot of that in vb screenshots 😛

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Should be possible to modify the script. I am looking at it, the only problem seems to be distinguishing the file extension of the uploaded image. Does anyone know, if there is any way to extract this info or simply the file name from the POST data?

Virtual boy screen shots have been pretty hard for me to take at all. I usually need to take like 4 or 5 photos before I even get one that displays the score clearly enough to be recognizable.

A few members get some nice panoramic shots, but I’m happy enough to just get a snap of the High score in the corner. 😉

I usually need to set the focus before I fotograph, I hold the camera about 10 cm above the V.B. on it’s stand and set the focus on the table, hold the button of the camera and take the shot.

Remember to shut the flash off.


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