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When I received my link cable I knew it was time to make a special video. Upon release of the cable, I went out of my way to find a copy of Hyper Fighting someone was willing to sell so I could use my friend’s other copy to showcase the 2 player mode on camera. To capture the game footage I pointed the lens of my phone camera into the lens of the Virtual Boy after removing the eye visor piece and then placed the foam from the visor around the phone to create a dark enough seal around the setup.

The video was going off my knowledge and what little information is available. I am happy to make corrections where they may be needed.

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Great video! Very thorough.

Benjamin Stevens wrote:
Great video! Very thorough.

Thank you 🙂 I hope I did everything justice.

Good video, you did a great job with the footage. I find Cell phone cameras seem to be better for filming, as the smaller lens allows you to get the full picture without seeing the blurry edges of the red lenses on the VB itself. Which phone were you using? I like how it handled the refresh rate so nicely. Might give phone recording another shot now that the cameras are getting so good in them.

Thanks! I used my iPhone 7 for the footage. It’s the only decent camera I have for recording at the moment. It took me a good minute of getting things jussssst right but in the end it even shocked me with how nice the quality was. 🙂


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