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I’ve been wanting to get it and I get out bidded every time. I’m wondering is it worth the $100 it goes for. I know that is cheep compaired to Space Invaders or Virtual Lab but I could buy a Neo-Geo game for that price. So what do you do in the game and for a fun factor on a scale of 1-10 where do you put it.

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If you are not a collector and just want to play it, DON’T buy it, simply because of the price. Here a review of Insmouse btw:

No I am a collector just prioritizing my purchases. If it’s a game worth playing I’ll buy it right away but I miss Jack Brothers so I’ll probably buy that one again next.
As far as game faqs goes I try to stay away from there most of the people that post reviews on that site don’t know what they are talking about so I don’t bother anymore.
I think someone that comes to this site that owns the game should do a review and post it in the reviews.

sorry… I am Ayce I messed up when setting up my account and used my usual internet name not my forum name.

Want me to play around with PHPmyAdmin and change your username to Ayce?
Not all reviews on GameFaqs are crap, at least the reviews of Brian Hodges – who wrote the on above – are pretty good. I am even thinking about asking for permission to post his reviews and thos of others on the site as “reader reviews”…
I will also write my own Insmouse review sometime and of other games like Wario Land, if I just had the time and motivation to sit down and do it… ~__~

Actually that would really be cool if you could switch it to Ayce.
BTW if this Brian guy is really that good I’ll have to check it out I just got sick of the people making crap reviews and everything they mentioned had no rhyme or reason. But yeah I’ll check it out now and maybe you should drop him a line to put it up on the site.

Done. And your old pre-account posts are now linked to your account and counted as well 😀

Nice… thanx.

Thanks guys! The above info was really helpfull for my ‘next buy’.


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