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The ultimate 3D horror adventure appears!

Monsters lurk within the night that is darker than darkness, within the darkness that is deeper than night….

They exist hidden inside a mansion. This mansion is called the “Mansion of Insmouse.”

You must explore the 3D dungeon and escape each floor within the time limit by utilizing items and getting the key that opens the exit-door.

However, even if you should beat the attacking monsters that come, you cannot escape so easily from the hand of the evil spirit of “Insmouse.”

Can you ever escape safely from the monsters of “Insmouse” and from this mansion of horror…!?

It’s all up to you, player!

  • A prototype of the unreleased US version surfaced in December 2004 in a public bankruptcy auction in Ohio, where Acclaim's stuff was sold.
Game Details
Developer: Betop
Players: 1 Player
Region: Japan
ROM Size: 8 MBit
Save Option: Password
Release Status: Released
Year: 1995