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I don’t know if this is of any interest to anyone… maybe for those of you who don’t know all the digits of your SN, you could manually calculate it?

Anyway, it follows the UPC-A / GTIN-12 pattern, except you just pad it with 000 to make it 12 digits (pad in the front of the serial number)

You can use this website, or just search for gtin-12 calculator…


So, if you had a serial number of VN10413008[5], go to the website above, and type in “00010413008” and it will tell you the ckeck is “5”

If you want to do this in Excel, then fill cells A1 to A8 with the serial number (A1 being the far left digit), and paste the below wherever you want the checksum value to be…


Sorry if this is a repost, I didn’t see anything about it on here.

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Very interesting, thanks for the info! 🙂

The checksum calculator link seems to be broken. I found another that seems to work:


Sorry for the necrobump, but what would happen if you scanned the SN sticker on a US VB with a barcode scanner?

The serial number should show up in whatever field you had selected. Barcodes are dead simple in function.


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