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Lately I am getting “Http Error 500”, mostly occurring at night. In my case it is from 11 pm CET onwards…

Anybody else experiencing this?

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Yup, always right after midnight. This delayed the Fishbone Demo release by several hours!

I too experienced that quite often last week. I am pretty sure it’s not our fault but some other site that is hosted on the same server, so there’s nothing we can do.

I have just rented a quite powerful Virtual Server with root access and everything, so once I learned my stuff about setting up and running an Ubuntu server and moved the site over, things like that 500 error will no longer happen. Not only that, but the site might also load faster, plus we’ll be able to pull off crazy stuff like running a Virtual Boy homebrew GIT repository or a service for online multiplayer games via Mednafen or something. 😉

According to our host, this has been resolved. For me it worked last night. Please let me know if/when there’s still downtime/500 errors.

I also experience this annoying error, but after about 12 reloads everything’s fine. Lol

KR155E wrote:
According to our host, this has been resolved. For me it worked last night. Please let me know if/when there’s still downtime/500 errors.

Yesterday, same 500 time, same 500 channel.

This thing is still a problem, and at the same time of night. It’s just not as severe; I was able to browse by reloading every time the error came up (which was with every link I clicked).

I came in to complain some more, but it looks like I beat me here!

Yeah, this is still an issue. The hosting provider really blows monkey spleens.

I might as well mention a problem while we’re at it.

Mine deals with the PVB chatting system. My chatting function does not work at all anymore on my home computer. People can see that I am on and send me chats, but I see absolutely nothing in the upper right corner of the screen and, thus, cannot send or receive chats. It is only when I then use my work computer that I find the chats that I missed.

Anyone have the same problem and/or know what might be causing it? I’ve tried using the site on my home computer with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Fire Fox, and the chat function didn’t work with any of them.

@Guy Perfect:

I am very annoyed by the permanent server errors, but the provider does not seem to be able to fix the issue… Looks like we will have to move to a new server this summer. I do have a vServer, but I am looking for a managed server that’s also a bit more powerful. Have to see what I can spend, a new server will be much more expensive.


Hard to say what’s going on. Maybe we can debug your problems? Could you start up the web console in Firefox with CTRL+Shift+K, reload PVB and see if there are any JavaScript errors?

Well, today the chat function seems to be working in Firefox. I wonder how much longer that will last.

I have rented a managed standalone server and moved over one heavy site to it, which might have a positive impact on the performance of this site. Let’s see if the error 500 problem persists, and if it does, I’ll move all sites over to the new server.


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