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I came across quite a few Panic Bomber, Teleroboxer, Red Alarm, Golf, Baseball and Wario Land recently. All are US versions, sealed and in mint condition. What a great find!

I’m planning on unloading some of them on ebay to make up some cash from my last batch of VB purchasing, but I thought I would offer them up on here first for a lower price.

I was thinking:

$50 for Panic Bomber, Teleroboxer and Golf
$60 for Red Alarm
$85 for Wario Land

We’ll have to figure out shipping too. If anyone is interested let me know pretty soon before they go to some random guy on ebay.

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Some pictures would be nice, I have no idea about the prices, I’m guessing you paid a lot less for them?

This may be a great way to see the value of the price :-O


I’ve seen multiple sealed wario lands go for $100 each within the last 6 months. On ebay lots of multiple games typically go unnoticed.

I really didn’t pay too much less for them. About $10-$20 less for each one, truth be told. I stumbled across a box of each of them thanks to some cool pals that work in the videogame business.

Nice to finally see you here Molander, I actually had my eye on that auction but I decided to save my money for more important projects. 😉


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