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i just found this site while i was looking for more information about sd gundam for the virtual boy.
i know it is a rare game, but i have no idea what the value would be.

its only the card and no book or box.

what would you say it would be worth?
or what people on ebay would pay for it?

i hope someone can tell me more about it

thank you very much

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Between 175 and 250 euros (between $248 and $354 ).

thats lower then i expected.
i expected around 400 €
i wanted to resell it

tx for your reply

I personally think that’s a little low, but not by too much. For super-rare games like that people really want it complete because there’s little chance that they’ll find just the box/manual anywhere else. It’s much more of a collectable item than just for playing… and with such a small game library that the VB has, who collects cart only?

To give you an idea, a cart only Space Invaders went for ~$115 recently… complete it usually goes for $250-$350. Complete SD Gundam is worth ~$600-$900, so I’d figure the cart only goes for $300-$400 (and JF could be right since the prices have been down lately).


I found the price on this cool website 🙂 : http://www.mistergameprice.com/pages/index.php5

You also need to play with the money exchange rate. It’s not the same selling to a Euro buyer than to a US buyer. Now, the Euro is very strong. It depends on where you are from. I also agree with DogP, extremely rare games are worth a lot of money if they are complete, not cart only. And if you want only the cart to play with them, only Virtual Bowling and Space Invaders might be worth the buy, because Virtual Lab and SD Gundam are rubbish (analized as games, not as collectors’ items, of course).

does it make a big change to the value when the original guide is available, but no box?
about 20% more value?

Well, the more you have, the better. If I were to buy the game again and the person was reliable, I would pay MAX amount for the whole game in perfect conditions, 40% the MAX price if it was just the cart and instructions, and 25% the MAX price if it was just the cart. I believe MAX could be around US $900 (bearing in mind that the $ vs Euro exchange rate is very good now for Europeans to buy from the US), so $350-$400 for the cart + instructions and $225-$250 for the game alone.

Be aware that is my opinion, and I know I would pay more than the average “eBay final price”, but as I said, I would also be paying the “buy from a reliable person” aspect of the transaction. Also, for your records, I recently saw an SD Gundam (cart only) auction in Yahoo Auctions Japan for 150 euro, and nobody bought it, so you might have difficulty selling it now, sorry.

Good luck!


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