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I have not played a Virtual Boy since 1996, and I am dying to play again. I won a Virtual Boy, with the AC adapter tap, Mario’s Tennis, and Teleroboxer for $23.50 ($35.50 shipped). I am excited. I also ordered Mario’s Tennis (Jap), Panic Bomber, and Virtual League Baseball for $14. Needless to say I am counting down the time till it gets here. Now all I need is Wario World and I will be set for quite some time!!!

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congrats man. wish i had time for mine. i practically just bought my 2nd one, but also started my semister :/

Hey, congratulations. πŸ˜€ Like KJ4860, I just bought my first one recently as well. The games you picked are great, too.

I am glad to hear the games are good. I have played a few of them but not since ’96 so I don’t really remember how they are.

My Virtual Boy should be here tomorrow. I am pumped!

Got 3 of the games today but not the system. I wanna play so bad!!! Quick question the copy of Virtual League Baseball I got is still sealed in the box, should I leave it unopened and order a new one, or are the common enough that I can just get another?

Heh… they’re VERY common sealed, so I don’t think you need to worry about that πŸ˜‰ .


Thanks DogP!

So it came, but I am not exactally playing yet because while it did come with the AC adapter tap, there was no AC adapter…and the local used game store was for some reason closed so I was not able to pick up a SNES AC adapter…hopefully tomorrow.

No batteries/battery pack? And you don’t have an SNES? Shame on you >:( .


No battery pack…and I know I should own a SNES but I don’t…I’m a bad person πŸ™

I have a lot of SNES games on the Virtual console if that counts for anything…

Nintendo fanboy with no SNES?!?!?

JK πŸ˜›


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