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It does have a quick shot of the Virtual Boy, but it’s not about the Virtual Boy, it’s about the Power Glove and it’s a festival of in-jokes in a way so I understand if you don’t get some of the jokes here but I still think it’s watchable for anyone more or less.

The basic plot is that I get attacked by a villain and forced to play Super Mario Bros 3 with the Power Glove, which I don’t like because the Power Glove sucks (right…?), but over time I learn how to use it better and break free, and then we fight.

I do all the voices. You have been warned.
May contain irish stereotypes.

(for reference, it’s a sequel to this movie I made

But I’d like it to get more views, because I’ve spent months making it, and it has only 45 views as of now.

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