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Hey everyone, I just ended up getting a virtual boy the other day and the right eyepiece has really bad distortion. I tried the baking method, and it did work, but only for a short time. I was led here by somebody who told me that someone in the forum may possibly be able to repair my ribbon cables. If anyone based in the United States can do this, please send me a message and let me know. Thank you

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Shoot me a PM, I can fix them for you, I am located in the Netherlands.

This is the post I created about a guy that has done these repairs for me. He is based in the US.


I bet @RunnerPack could do it too and he is in the US. He did the LED soldering repair for me a few years back and did a great job!

He stopped repairing for the community due to a busy life 😉

I’m based in the US and could do the repairs as well if you’re still looking.

I repaired my ribbon cables arround one times a year with a breakfast knife and a lighter xD

I open it, screw the led thing out and then i make the knife hot with the lighter for arround one minuet so that its realy hot.

Then i stripe with the hot blunt side of the knife realy caredully over the glued ribbon cable, after that i hold it a few seconds on it so tjat its getting hot on this place where the ribbon cable is glued on the led.

Then i carefully take off the knife from the ribbon cable and fast turn it and press it realy hard on my cold living room glass table so that its getting cold while its pressed together.

After that i carefully stripe al micro cables from the ribbon cable with my fingernail so that the reaktivatet glue getring realy close also betwen se minimal space of the micro cables.

I have to do that arround one times in a year for the last three years and also often played with my vb.

So long it will work its the easyest and fastest way to gett it working (arround 15min i need for that). It the time comes where it dosent work again or it only hold a few weeks then i will go by and solder it or let it solder (we will see) i also repaired a few gamegear and modded a few gameboys with backlight but solder the virtual boy is a completly different thing because its a big way harder to solder that micro cables.

Hope you can understand my bad english 🙂


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