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Finally I can now enjoy my VB with its full 3D effect without having to worry about opening the console to fumble around with those awful ribbon cables for hours.

I got a guy on NintendoAge to do one up for me. I notice people don’t do this as much around here, so I highly recommend tiptopjames, he does awesome work with Virtual Boys.

I also completed Wario Land, awesome game overall, though I found the auto plane jumping really frustrating with the final boss, ugh. I jump to evade flames, accidentally jump to the background, hit the boss in the face and land in the flames… Now to play through the game with more spikes.

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Nice! 2 of my 3 VBs are solder-fixed and it was an excellent investment. I’m having some people over tonight and I’ve got a VB out with HyperFighting in it for them to try. 😀

Mine works mint, but I still can’t help but thinking that getting a second solder fixed one would be a wise investment..

I mean what would I do if mine shat the bed and this service was no longer available??

you should consider picking up to cables and having someone solder then. as long as they test their work before they ship it back, you’ll have replacements for your current VB. opening and replacing the cables is rather easy and nothing that should be feared.

…That’s a good idea! Is anyone interested in soldering some cables for me? =P I’m gonna start the hunt for some cables. Hmmm, or a parts VB

I think extra cables and LED boards is a bit excessive. A second working Virtual Boy is enough. Besides, a spare set of LEDs means a Virtual Boy somewhere has lost its eyes.

If I have two working VBs, yes you could say I should get a link cable. But to me at least, there isn’t anything truly compelling for the link cable yet. Mario Tennis and Panic Bomber should have had that functionality. Or heck, how about Wario Land (or something similar to it) with 2 player co-op? That’d be fun searching around for treasure and meeting back up at the exit. Or maybe two player dungeon crawling in Jack Bros. Hyper Fighting is neat and all, but I have a Neo Geo and it’s the last word in fighting, I like my Virtual Boy for all the other games its capable of.

Right now at least, one working VB is a great thing. I always have fun playing a game on it, the VB is just so weird and unique. I like going through each game and looking at all the 3D effects.


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