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Hi all, I’m not trying to step on NES Freak’s toes, obviously he does good work and there’s nothing personal about my posting this. But he himself said earlier this month “I can hardly keep up with all these repairs” so I figure it’s ok to throw my hat in. I’m located in the US.

I’ve repaired about 20 ribbon cables so far, and I’m getting pretty good at it. My list of happy customers is growing. Cost is $30 plus shipping for one VB system (2 ribbon cables). If you’re able to open your VB and remove the ribbon cables yourself, shipping costs will be lower, but they must be packaged carefully.

Send me a PM and we’ll discuss the details.

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I don’t think NES Freak is the official PVB screen repairer (hint: Nobody is).

The more the merrier, no toe steppings going on. It’s nice to have options for people who need the service.


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