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There has been a lot of great work lately and in the past with box/manual translations, magazines, and ROM patches. I think it would be nice if there was a central page of the website that either had direct links to the various items or links that pointed to the game pages or forum posts.

I know a lot of this stuff is in the particular game’s page, but some really great stuff can get buried in the Forums and is harder to dig out. It might be a hassle at first but it would be easier to just add to every time someone releases a translation. And some of the main translators could check it to make sure all their stuff is present. Would that be possible?

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I agree that the current database could do a much better job at presenting translations, especially all the great work done by Benjamin Stevens.

I got a new version of Planet Virtual Boy in the works currently and I think the new site will make the various types of translations more accessible.

* Translation patches will be listed on the respective game pages, but there will also be a separate page for patches at http://www.planetvb.com/patches/ will you’ll be able to filter for translation patches.

* Custom made, translated manuals will be listed on the respective game pages, but there will also be a separate page for these at http://www.planetvb.com/manuals/types/inofficial-translation/.

* Similar to these manuals, translated images will be handled, for example Ben’s translated V. Jockey screenshots. These will be available at http://www.planetvb.com/images/types/translated/.

* Textual translations for magazines, manuals, boxes, etc will be available right next to the respective scans. I am still unsure how to do the technical basis to provide lists of such items which have a textual translation.

Did I miss any type of translation? Also, I am open for suggestions on how to further improve the above.


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