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If you guys remember, a few weeks ago, (4 or 5 weeks ago) i said how i got a VB from ebay and i had the dumb scan lines. today i got the long security bit in from a seller on ebay and did the oven fix! it works fine now!!!! i can finally beat wario i hope (on the 9th level!) i also bought mario’s tennis for 8$ shipped and that game is fun too. what other games do you guys reccomend? i dont wanna just blow money on random games, they are costly! im thinking mario clash, v-tetris and teleroboxer. are they any good? thanks guys for all the help so far!!!

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Mario Clash
3D Tetris
Panic bomber

My personal favourites, excluding Wario Land are:
Galactic Pinball
Mario Clash
Mario’s Tennis
and maybe Vertical Force, but not so much.
Hope you have fun!

I like Red Alarm a lot. With its vector graphics it gives full 3D feeling with depth and such. I reckon its graphics are not top-notch because of being only lines/vectors, but it’s really cool IMO, and not too expensive.

Red Alarm
Galactic Pinball
Mario Clash


i wish i had the money to just throw down to buy jack bros, its cool, i played the ROM. thanks for giving me ideas peoples!

better late then never 😛

panic bomber is a cheap really fun puzzle game


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