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I was browsing the web and came across this Twitter post from 2 years ago. Apparently, Nintendo was planning on hiring a company called ImagiCorps to design their store display units, but ended up choosing Design Phase to tackle the project for whatever reasons.

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Very cool!

I like what they ended up as more, but interesting to see an “alternate reality” version

This is super interesting, great find! I have never heard about this display before. Looks refreshingly different from the Design Phase displays that Nintendo eventually used to display the Virtual Boy in stores. Looks more simple and streamlined, and seems very robust. In general I prefer the design of the Design Phase display but it’s a cool twist how the bottom part of this one resembles an original VB stand.

Note how the infinity mirror on top and the info sheets on the sides are the same as on the Design Phase displays. Seemingly Nintendo provided those and asked for them to be included in the designs as mandatory elements.

I am doing a little break right now from working on PVB, but I’ll add this to the database when I am back.

I attached the full res version of the image, also here’s the link to the tweet. I will try and ask ImagiCorps for more info. https://twitter.com/ImagiCorps/status/1017530652256694272


I sure hope they reply back, as I find this wicked interesting as well.

I did a bit more searching and found another tweet from them. Looks like they designed more than just display units for Nintendo!

Enjoy your break, KR155E!

C ya when you get back…

I see that they actually had a print of the incredibly rare VB poster up in the World of Nintendo! Very nice.

Yeah that is nice, and it also happened to be the prototype / pre-production poster with the backwards stand.


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