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I visited my local retro game store a few minutes ago & they have a cartridge of Dragon Hopper for 5,000 Canadian Dollars. I made sure to reserve the game as soon as I saw it boot up on the title screen & i’m very sorry for the blurry image it was the only one I could get as they were needing to pack up as it is near their closing time.

P.S. The manager told me it’s store policy when someone reserves a prototype they aren’t allowed to receive public monetary assistance but they do allow information people of the existence of a prototype to be made public.

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I’m shocked no one has replied yet. If this is legit it would be the single most important Virtual Boy discovery ever! I hope you have possession of the game by now. If not, go now! If you don’t have the money let me know I’ll buy it with the intent to dump it for public release.

April 1st was two weeks ago.

Could you take more pictures? Could you take pictures from the Cartridge? If you can, please, go to the this community Discord.


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l o l

gdces1984 i try to get more photos but i don’t like using discord as it causes me to get distracted.

P.S. I’ve submitted a job application at the store so i can afford it plus get more photos so please understand if i don’t post updates often.

Please post more photos ASAP. If this is legit, I would be willing to offer $250,000 CAD for it. I am located in Canada and can fly out wherever you are. We can do the deal in person, cash. This game needs to be preserved.

I’m sure the joke is up by now, but I’m late to the party. Anyway here’s to not letting go of hope. What store exactly and where in Canada? We have a thousand people that could visit the store and buy it. So yeah…waiting

Should this be true it would be the biggest thing in the VB community. I saw this a couple a days ago and thought “well that was an evil joke”. I still lean to the joke thing.

But if this is true it’s something really big.
If it’s not true I believe this man, boy, girl whatsoever is very stupid and not funny.

But i hope Dragon Hopper is real and one day I get the chance to play it.

We Waite fore more pictures and video on gameplay 👍

We hope you telling the truth but sadly it’s a big chances you are a trolling:(

I got this photo from an employee


Blurring stock photos… nice.



Well yes 🙁 it is bullshit.

So, I’m also very skeptical of this story and limited info, but I would just like to point out that the blurry picture is different from the one in the PVB Dragon Hopper vault (linked in an earlier reply). Obviously, the middle part is the same but the number and size of the hearts on the right side is different and the coins appear to be 3 in one picture and 5 in the other. I’m not naive and know this could easily be photoshopped, but at first glance I thought they were identical and shared in the anger of the other replies… until I realized they were not actually identical.

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They basically took the sidebar from the image below and placed it over the one in their photo, you can tell by how the text box no longer overlaps that side bar as it does in the picture below theirs.

That and a bunch of other bull.

A video of the game playing would be nice, if that’s at all possible.

Here some vids and pics from Draggon Hopper.

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Was there any leads with this, or what it bull?


Bump for more infos


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