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Here are all of the instruction booklets that I myself made and submitted for use in the limited production runs of the Uncle Tusk team. I did not make any of the front or back covers for the booklets, so I don’t have the original files to include here. Since all of these have long been sold out from Uncle Tusk’s store, I figured it was high time to post all of these online for all to see and, perhaps, use for whatever purposes.

Concerning my instruction booklets for SD Gundam Dimension War and Space Squash, these contain my finalized English translations for these Japan-only games, and these translations may differ somewhat from my original translations that have appeared in their respective forum threads for a while now.

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing these. 😀

That’s great, Ben, thanks! Gotta add those to the games section. 🙂

chris, i don’t see all of these on the site in the manual tabs. you should get them added before we all forget again. =P


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