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This is my first post, but it’s not like anyone besides me cares anywho. 😀

So anyway, I got around to thinkin’ last night, and would it be possible for someone to reverse engineer the code off another system for use on VB? Here’s my thought… I’m an old school technology type of guy (even though my favorite system came out when I was 0) and I enjoy playing the first Starfox. You know, the choppy polygon Starfox, for SNES. Well, does anyone think it possible to port Starfox to VB and just move the polygons to different layers(“worlds” in VB tech talk. 😉 )? I’m sure it would be more complicated, but if you want to, could you give me some feedback on my ideas?

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Not really… once the code is compiled/assembled/linked from a high level language to a low level language, there’s really no good way to go back… and since the VB architecture is totally different than the SNES, there’s no real way to convert directly from SNES->VB.

If you have high level source code for a game, it’s definately possible to modify it some and recompile it for VB, but even then… Starfox used a SuperFX chip, which the VB doesn’t have… and even though the VB is probably more powerful than the SNES, VB got a Starfox type game (Red Alarm), and it must not have been powerful enough to do polygons since they used wireframe in it.


I always wished there was a way to run a compiler in reverse. I would love to see the high level language programming for some vb carts. Adding levels, getting programming ideas, all of that would have been possible without too much trouble. A lot of the virtual boy games are short, even thou the vboy could handle games with tons of megs. When you look at the released games, most have comments that..good but you can finish the game in 3 hours. I would have loved to play a wario land that had 30 + levels, or vertical force, jack brothers ect..

This is a 3D engine for the PC-FX wich has got the same main processor as the Virtual Boy (thats what I read somewhere).

It comes with some programming book and is has also source code. It also might have been developed for the use with 3d glasses for the PC-FX.
Maybe if you can find the sourcecode it could be ported to direct draw for the Virtual Boy. But anyway, I got no idea if its possible or not.


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