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Good morning! First of all, let me intoduce myself (and sorry for my english, it is not my mothertongue)… I’m Sisco and I have been collecting videogames since 2007… (when I started to earn some money). Anyway, I have always been involved in this world since I was a child.In spite of not having too many consoles (I only had a Nintendo clone (around) and a N64 in the 98 before start collecting), I have always been following the local videogame press.

Well, Virtual Boy issue… I have had three VB. The first I bought (around 2010) it was complete but It didn’t work, so I bought another one (only the headseat) and I sold the first one to spare pieces.Next, I bought a third one, complete in box and working properly, that I have stored in a shelf…

The one I use to play, It has crashed today. When I was playing, the image got deformed and it finally went away (in the two lens). The last days, the console adverted me by deforming the image sometimes (But I din’t mind…). I suppose It is about the glue connecting the lens, but the problem is that I don’t know if the sound must work. I mean, when this incident happens, I can’t hear the music neither.

So, what do you supose what the problem is? Is it only about the lens or is it a bigger problem?

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It is weird that the sound stops too…If it were the regular display issue the sound would keep going, just the picture would get screwed up. Did it sound like the music was getting distorted when it was happening? Are you sure there’s no sound when you put in a game now? (Try a game like jack Bros that has a sound as soon as you power it on)

First of all, thanks speedyink for your reply!

As you have said, the sound gets distorted when the screen gets deformed. The console malfunctions until it finally seems to turn off.

Later, I’ve tried to turn on the VB without response for a while but, at the end, it starts again with a glitched screen (and sound).

I have repeated the process several times and the system looked inactive most of the times. When I got some response the screen was glitched.

The games I have used are Vertical Force and Mario Tennis,

The console is fed with an AC adapter at 9V through a modded pad and I have never had problems with it. I have also tested a normal pad with a battery pack (which previously had lack of electrical contact problems) without response.

I’m afraid it is about the screen connection but I don’t know if there are more issues with the console. Apart from the lens problema, Could it be a problem of the electrical supply or the motherboard? I have to wait to the next weekend to get my screwdriver an open the VB to see what happens inside.

One more thing. Are there another common problems apart the lens connection?

Hmm, sounds to me like it’s a motherboard problem.

Are you using an original VB power adapter or a different one? If it’s a different one, how many amps does it output? Is it good quality or cheap?

Since the batteries aren’t working either, I’m wondering if maybe over time of not getting enough amperage or possibly voltage spikes (from cheap adapters) maybe killed the motherboard.

As for common issues, the main issue is the display connection issue, there’s no other common problems as far as I know.

Mmmm…what a pitty. Motherboard problem sounds quite difficult to fix. I’vs using a standard multi voltage ac adapter (9V, 1200A not the best but not the worst ).The console has had very few use during year, but it was exposed in a retro event and it worked for around 5-6 hours almost continuously in a day.The console has worked for around 7 years with that adapter.

Anyway, what should I check to confirm the motherboard is dead? Is it fixable anyway? Is there any problem (with my other VB) to work with the original AC adapter peripheral and the SNES power supply?

Well I’ll let someone else chime in as well, since that’s just a total guess. Have you opened it up? A visual inspection of the board might help.

It’s always fixable, if all else fails you might be able to find a new main board. Just start simple and work your way from there. Maybe someone who’s encountered this issue before sees this thread. Don’t give up hope.

Your problem is bigger than the glitchy display issue for sure. If the sound drops when the displays stop giving you an image, it the motherboard, power source or a combination of both.
What it is exactly, I cannot tell you here on the forum. I do have some spare VBs laying around which I can use parts for to repair your VB if you want me to. Just send me a PM and we will discuss the details if you are interested.

This weekend I’ll pick the screwdriver, the tester and the supernintendo power supply with the adapter to VB, so on Sunday or Monday (If my childs alow me) I’ll open the system and try to check what happens inside.

If I couldn’t solve it by self, I’d contact with you (theforce81).

Thanks to both by your help!

P.S. I’m a beginner in the VB. What are the main points to check in the motherboard.

I’ll try to upload the photos of the process, if they could help anyone.


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