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Richard Hutchinson, maker of the Vectrex USB flash cart “VecFlash“, has had a Virtual Boy flash cart, called the “FlashBoy”, in the works for some time now. He now finally got it to a working stage and showed some first images of the assembled cart. Other images show the innards of the cartridge, as well as the loader software. I’ll keep you informed as the project progresses and when you can order your unit. 😎

VB_flash_v2 FlashBoy FlashBoy_3 FlashBoy_2 FlashBoy_1

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😮 Awsome! This will speed up Virtual Boy development, meaning MORE NEW GAMES!

Woohoo!!!!! I can’t wait! I never had the funds or was “technically gifted” enough to make my own VB flash cart. I always wanted to get started homebrewing, but I don’t know C. Maybe now I have motivation to learn. I hope this one is within my price range…

Nice design job! Can’t wait until these are up for sale!

man oh man..i think this will push the VB scene into a motion it has not seen since 95.

Richard is a real wizzard.
VecFlash which I own is a real wonder.
Can’t wait for flashboy to be released…I’ve started to count the days till this marvelous project shows up !! :thumpup: 😎

Is this what will give us ordinary people the possibility to play games like virtual Lab or Bound High as well?

I’m also dying to see this project come true. I personally don’t own any of Richard’s previous carts, but it seems this is a state-of-the-art job extremely well done. A+. :thumpup:


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