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if you are, can you tell me where to get any programming lessons cuz’ i want to make a HHGTTG game. I’m sorry, HHGTTG means Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. The Game Will be about 1 hr. long if i can make it. it will probly have about 6 levels. One level will be getting to arthur dent to save him from the impending doom of the earth exploding, the next level will be about trying to get a galactic ride. level 3 will be trying to survive the vogon ship. 4 will be getting to magrathea, 5 will be about rescuing trillian and will be a relatively long level cuz’ you have to go and find the guy that made the universe and go till’ the end of the universe. 6 will sort of be an outro where it is text that says something along the lines of, ” Your journey has come to an end. please take a brake and play again after a couple hrs.” and there are a couple minigames.
after that if a lot of people like it i will finish reading resturant at the end of the universe and making a game for that. i will try to sell it to you guy’s if you want it. i will tell you when i make it and then i will ask if you want it and if you do send me your address in a e-mail and i probobly will send you one. it will be only 1 and a half dollars and will be a pretty good game for a begginer since i plan to make it kinda’ easy. moderately hard. but easy sometimes. it will be good if you like science fiction games cuz’ thats what it will be.

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Well, not to spoil your enthusiasm, but programming isn’t that easy. Are you sure you have had enough experience already to start such a big project? Programming esp. for handhelds and so on is pretty hard, because of hardware limitations, too.



well, i know that programming isnt easy (you didnt explode the fact that i wanted to do it). thats why i said that i need lessons cuz’ i have only done python print commands and i would work on other stuff like a speaking demo or something before i did that. i would to THAT to get practice.


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