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So My VB has the dreaded Screen glitch. Boooo. I tried the oven method to no avail. Then I did the solder method. I fixed the right side, but the left I… well I had it all set up in those little gator clip holders with the magnifying glass (padded, so as not to ruin the ribbon but… So I’m soldering and… I frickin’ sneezed and Just tore right through that baby! I don’t feel like fashioning a new ribbon cable out of an old IDE one from a HDD so I’m just wondering if anyone here is selling cheep display cables that actually work so I can pop it in. I’ve had bound high for two weeks now with no way of playing it and I’m jonesin’ for some red on black action. Anyone out there selling or is it Back to the bay for me? (eBay that is).

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