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For many years now, my virtual boy has been nothing more than a non-working display piece. Bought it brand new, when they were practically giving them away. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but it was so ridiculously cheap, I was only mildly interested, but couldn’t pass up the bargain. I only wish I bought more games for it at the time, I only have Mario Tennis, Galactic Pinball, and Wario Land. I also regret losing track of the original box, I kept it for a number of years, but somehow that got lost – I suppose I’m lucky the virtual boy itself survived, ended up in my parents basement for many years, and was missing the fabric visor piece when I rediscovered it, which I’ve since replaced. But, both displays are glitchy, one mostly works, the other mostly doesn’t. I’ve attempted methods of using heat to reflow the solder after watching youtube videos, but that’s been of no use, waste of time really. I’d like to get it in the hands of someone that knows what they’re doing, and get it back in full working order again. Is anyone still repairing these?

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Gators, You can trust NesFreak.He has done a number of Jobs for me all turned out impeccable! He’s fair too when it comes to pricing. He’ll help you out trust me!

Who is NesFreak, and how do I get in touch with NesFreak for a virtual boy repair?

You likely paid $19.95 on clearance at Toys-R-Us. All games there were on clearance for $9.95 each, I believe, with just Waterworld and Jack Bros. at either $12.95 or $14.95 – can’t recall for sure.

Hi Gators E-mail NESFreak here


He’ll help you for a nice price. Tell him I sent ya.


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