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On the Virtual Tap (consolized Virtual Boy), theres a way to change the colors, but is it possible in actual Virtual Boy?
Well, there may be a chance, heres my ideas

1. LED
So the Virtual Boy has a red LED, but i think we can manufacture a blue, orange, yellow, ANY COLOR custom led to attach to the Virtual Boy and done

2. RED Glass
Inside the Virtual Boy theres a Red Glass, we could make an any color custom glass to attach to the Virtual Boy and done

THOSE or BOTH may be possible…

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It’s an excellent idea. Why don’t you try to discuss it with the community in the Discord group. That’s where community interactions take place these days. Here you won’t get much attention.

Hi Deco , regards from an old user of forums.

Nowadays Mednafen emulator could do that. Custom Palettes (vb.pal)

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@gdces1984 I wish i could but i quit Discord cuz well i told someone my opinion about a game, i would be cyberbullied.

@RockRiver Cool! Didn’t know emulators could achieve that, also possibly since you said some monochrome systems has color out expansions, i dont think its possible only attaching to possibly the link port (it could be used for something anyway) without modding, because the Virtual Boy was released when leds was too expensive, so they used a red monochrome display to save a bunch of money, so yeah its maybe possible for changing the LEDs or the Red Glass
Man i wonder if we could put a raspberry with an Virtual Boy Custom Pallete Mednafen emulator on the Virtual Boy…


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