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if someone obtains a copy of bound high or some other unreleased game why dont they just duplicate the carts of the game and sell it on ebay or something? or just duplicate them and send them to friends/etc.? how would one go around making duplicate cartrige of a game?

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Do you have bound high??? Hihi. Do you have heard if any one has any unrelesed games??

Dogp has successfully made a flash cart for homebrew games. They could also be used to put existing games on there, but that’s illegal.
Unfortunately, I’ve never come across a copy of any of the unreleased vb games. I very much doubt they exist today.

well the system is dead so I doubt nintendo would care.

They could also be used to put existing games on there, but that’s illegal.

Haha. Get off it, man… If someone can accomplish an authentic reproduction of an unreleased game from a dead-on-arrival system… they deserve praise for being a historian–not flack for being a pirate. That issue shouldn’t even come up.

is there a way to buy this flash cart? and how do you connect it to the pc to transfer games /roms onto it?

I agree with you, Nintendo shouldn’t care. But when it boils down to it the vb is still their system and the games still belong to them. The law won’t see it our way.
As for the flash cart, I don’t think dogp has made them in large quantities yet. I’m not entirely sure how he puts the games on there. I’d imagine its probably via the debugger or the vb’s link port.

the games are burned directly on the chips, you need an eprom programmer for that. but dogp is or was experimenting on transferring data through the link port, i didn’t follow it that closely though. you can read about it in this thread.


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