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One year has passed since this morning in a lonely chatroom with coffee+cake where the idea of planetVB was born and about 2100 visitors logged on since our opening in the night of the 17th to the 18th of march. After one year we thought there has to be also a new design, that you can see here in a beta version. The menu isn’t completely ready yet and the backroundmusic is not available yet eighter. We’ll fix that in the next updates.

And what’s new on planetVB?

  • A review of Space Squash (yes, also in English! ;-))
  • 8 new sounds of Jack Bros. and Mario’s Tennis
  • The links are really translated now 😉
  • New pages in the external searchengine
  • New auctions in the ebay history
  • The links in our Patents-section were fixed
  • Top5/Top10, greets and a wantlist are new in the About Us-section
  • And a lot of little things fixed in the layout of some pages

OK, that was everything for this update. We wanna say thank you to all visitors and a happy gaming-year 2001 to everybody!!

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