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Was messing with some casting gel when I had the idea to case a oem stand I had so far what u think guys I think I got a winner

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That’s awesome! 🙂

the detail the gel cast made was amazing im going to remake a cast the one i did was a 1 part cast next one is a 2 part so i can control the flashing more on the cast best part it captures every detail amazing i need to build a vac chamber to take the air out of the castings when there setting ill mess with color so far i got clear and white im looking in to jet black but closest iv found is gray and smoke black

im going to try to cast the full stand and see how it turns out got my 1 gal of casting resin so lets see how it goes ill keep u guys posted

PS can admin move my thread to
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Very cool! Maybe the next thing you can cast is a “period” key for your keyboard. ;>)

Still dead on my kb lol got a new switch on order for it lol a s d and w needed the switches more lol

Hey, it does look good!

This is incredible! If you can cast it in black I would certainly want to buy one off of you.

Nice detail, how is the strength?
Black will top it off to perfection, keep us posted.

i am also really curious about the strength. personally, i wouldn’t mind a clear one backlit by a red LED.

Casting in black and other colors is posible I only get one tiny air bubble in the cast I did a few so far there strong as hell but have a tiny bit of flex to them almost like a hard hat so no more cracking lol messing with different brands of casting resin so far found one that sets to fast but gets vest detail the part I casted was glued back together so u can see the seams I wish a had a clean one to make a mint mild with I’d say 30$ Canadian each seems fair what u guys think I’m working on the entire stand as well next I’ll keep u guys posted

Here’s one in black to

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I’d be willing to pay CAD$30,- but only if there are no big imperfections as there are now with the air bubbles in it.

Looking great though!

The air bubbles are easy to fix I need a good oem part with 0 cracks the one I casted had repair work done to it and the section with the imprifections is the chunk that I had to make with some bondo compared to the 3d printed model it’s way stronger I’ll try to figure out how to re cast the mold

What casting set do you use? I’m looking for one to cast a set of doors for my NES TV. This looks like great stuff.

would definetly buy one if the price is reasonable with shipping to europe. my own medallion is cracked to pieces : (

U looking for the gel cast or the epoxy resin I use to cast the part ?

retronintendonerd wrote:
What casting set do you use? I

drunkencat wrote:
U looking for the gel cast or the epoxy resin I use to cast the part ?

Both. A dude is going to do the casting but he doesn’t know what to use for either part. I was going to buy it for him in exchange for a cast.

Look up polycast that got many colors get white but hardness will make big difference to hard it will Crack to soft it will flex to much I think that hack samples u can order to see what hardness u want


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