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I purchased a Virtual boy off of ebay, and upon trying it, it will not turn on. I tried another AC adapter I had in hopes that this was this cause, but it did not work. The auctioneer said that it works, and has never had any complaints of one being damaged that he has sold through ebay, so I wonder if I just got unlucky. Anyways, What are the possible causes of this monstrosity?

I will be sent a replacement! Oh, the joys of nice people on eBay πŸ™‚

Still, it’d be interesting to know how VB’s could be damaged through the mail, which I’m assuming is what happened.

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hmm not really sure how it could of damaged via mail.. i mean if it bounced and smashed around it would probably only ruin the display of the game…

not really sure sorry…

i bought a virtual boy guy said it was in great condition no glitchy display works fine and when i got it lots of scratchs with his initials in it and the stand was just about to be snapped and so it broke and about 5 days later its gotten glitchy display in the right eye… going to fix it on the weekend hopefully its all opened up etc

the power problem may be with the connection of the controller to the virtual boy with the power supply… i dont know i only have the battery pack.

Hmmm how strange. Did you try it with regular batteries or have you just tried it with the AC adaptor so far? Also, try turning it on again and listen quietly for a humming sound coming from the VB. If you can’t hear anything then its either the VB itself or the controller thats broken.

Unfortunately, it didn’t not come with a battery pack, only an AC tap with an AC adapter. Originally I thought the problem could have just been a damaged AC adapter, but upon trying my SNES one, it still did not do anything. There were no sounds or anything, it as if the power was not reaching it at all.
What’s odd though, is that he did have a picture of it working, so it did work before he shipped it out, I just don’t understand what could have been damaged through shipping. I’m assuming it was from the VB moving around inside the box, even though it was encased in bubble wrap. Maybe something came loose? Idk.

I’m far from a VB repair specialist, but have you try yours with different games ?

Sounds kinda silly but that happened to me when I got my VB years ago: When I wanted to check out my new and shiny VB I put the VB cartridge of Mario Tennis the wrong side into my VB… it obviously didn’t work and I didn’t know what could be wrong until I found out my stupid mistake ;]

Must be really frustrating for you πŸ™ All I can suggest is that you try to get hold of a battery pack or another controller. I had issues with my VB randomly turning off a while back and it turns out the controller was to blame. Hope you find a solution!

Well, I tried about everything with it, but I believe that the head unit itself was damaged due to bouncing around a lot during shipping. I ended up just sending it back and I am glad to say I now have now been sent a working V-Boy!! πŸ˜€


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