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WooHoo! Finally have a VB! (Well it is on it’s way lol)

I remember playing Wario Land at Best Buy when VB came out and always wanted one since. I finally decided to make the plunge and got one on ebay. It was $61.00 w/ shipping with the box and also came with the AC Adapter with the box. Both are in excellent condition. Was that a decent deal? Teleroboxer is the first game I have so far. Any tips on where to find more VB games besides eBay? Thanks!


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I forgot also have Mario Tennis too, but guess that is expected since it comes with the system.

Fairly slooowww boards around here eh…

well, what did you expect? this site is about virtual boy (aka virtual wtf?!). ;D small community, slow boards. sadly.
anyway, i don’t know for how much virtual boys normally go in the states, but i always thought they were cheaper than that?

Amazing, did your have it’s original packaging? Anyway, I got mine in it’s original box in its packaging with mario tennis and a seperate box with an 3rd party ac adapter.. All for $10, that REALLY was cheap!

:woah: :woah: :woah: Sorry for the excessive use of smilies but… Every one else seems to get fantastic deals except me! All in original packaging!? You didn’t get it on eBay did you? My good Virtual Boy was $20, in decent shape with 2 games… But no packaging. The cheapest Virtual boy I’ve seen is $5… It came with the VB, a broken stand, and no visor, controller or games. I bought it. They said it was broken, but it wasn’t, just in really bad shape. I STILL can’t believe that KR155E got a VB dev system for FREE….

Anyway, the forums HAVE been quieter than usual lately. They went through a dry spot with no posts for like a week and a half…

Well as far as Ebay goes, I’d say a VB runs anywhere from $30 to $120 depending on box and games etc. Mine came in the orginal box and looked really well taken care of, so the $61 was worth it to me. It comes tommorow! Woohoo! One more day.

Anyone know where else to get games at besides ebay? Seems like slim pickings there. I thought about checking out some pawn shops or flea markets.

Soo KR155E… where do you stumble upon things such as a dev system and that factory box of VBaseball games you have?

It might be interesting to note that I had only learned about the VB 2 years ago or so. Until then I had only thought I would never find one ever, I was just proven wrong a week or so ago.

Wait, when you guys say dev kit, do you actually mean those software machines the 3rd party companies used in making the games?? Cool!

Soo KR155E… where do you stumble upon things such as a dev system and that factory box of VBaseball games you have?

those baseball factory boxes were on ebay years ago in large numbers, you could get one for under $50, which is like 1 buck per game. that was the point when the value of the game sank from ~$15 to ~$1. 😀

i got the dev system from a very kind guy from the uk, who found it (plus a snes dev system) on his attic and posted about it in a newsgroup, asking what it could be. i contacted him and in the end he sent me both units for free. 😀

Wait, when you guys say dev kit, do you actually mean those software machines the 3rd party companies used in making the games?? Cool!

not only third party, there was only one dev system. click here.

Well good news an bad news. I got my VB today! It was a store display previously and so the box has Store Copy written on it in sharpie and the ac adapter box does as well. However it did come with a display sign just like the scans you have on the front page. Also it came with some hardware. Some brackets with a chain. The brackets have double-sided tape one them. Now its time to play the VB lol! First time in over 10 years woohoo!

Also…not sure what the bracket thing is for. Ill post picks if you aren’t sure what I am talking about.

ooh, you were talking about a vb store display? well, then 61 dollars sound like a great deal! pictures would definitely be nice, i would like to see the box and everything. 🙂

where are the bad news by the way? 😀

Strange… I assume it’s this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/Nintendo-Virtual-Boy-Game-System-MIB_W0QQitemZ160134842765QQihZ006QQcategoryZ62054QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem … It looks like the regular system and box, probably used by a store to display it, but it’s weird that it came with the advertising inserts, since those came with the store displays (which weren’t shipped in a standard VB box). It looks like the inserts are the small ones, which came with the small plastic Blockbuster displays.


Yeah Dogp you are on the right track. It is a regular system. Ill throw pics up once I pull myself away from teleroboxer lol.

Ok I took some pics with the webcam. The picture of the ac adpater box shows the sharpie marks(that was the bad news btw KR155E) these are on the back and front of both this box and the VB Box
There are 5 total images, links below. The last is the hardware I got with it that i am not sure what it is for.

hm. yeah, the small ads like from the small store displays… but looks like on this one, the ads were just hanging besides the vb or something?!

Hey KR155E. Any idea on the hardware?

hardware looks standard. seems they just took a normal retail vb system, mounted it to a table, and voila they had a store display vb. 😀
hm, but the ads…


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