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that I use the cursor here on my site:


then click virtual boy

I’ll give credit. Thanks!

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yes, it’s ok that you use the cursors.

BUT… for the fourth time, this is the wrong forum! i assume you just didn’t notice that the other threads got moved, and that’s the reason why you opened two threads for the startup sound and two more for the cursors, so i’ll wait a bit with moving this one.

Actually, IMHO, since none of these topics are of general interest, they should have been PM’s or e-mails directly to KR155E.

Like this… (Koop, check your PM box.)

Then, after the sounds, cursors, and other trivial things are in place, a single post linking to nintendoland.com in the O.T. forum.

I’m just sayin’…

Sorry about that.

Ha ha, I was like “where did my topic go?”


Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hello to all my family through these posts 😀


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