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Hi all! I’ll be working on a short form VB game. It’ll be a time-based puzzle RPG, and I’ll try to push the envelope on style haha. Story-wise, it’s gonna be following Guy de Maupassant’s “La parure”, and will be available in French and English (hopefully lol). Estimating it’ll take me a year or so to finish a decent draft, but I’ll update this thread as it moves along. Would people be interested in dramaturgy and reference documents as I go about doing this?

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Sounds like a fun little game. I’m definitely interested!

Sounds really cool! I wouldn’t have any use for reference docs personally, but I’m sure some here would 🙂

Sounds interesting! I would definitely like to see updates as the project progresses.

Wow, cool project.


Neat idea! Looking forward to seeing the progress.


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