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This might seem like a dumb question, but I’m going to ask it to make sure I repair the right thing. My VB unfortunately fell over about a week ago, as the bin it was sitting on was bumped and it fell forward. I was testing a copy of Wario Land I had gotten off of Letgo in it when I noticed that the graphics looked glitchy, as the main menu appeared to have lines flashing over it. So I had assumed that the copy of Wario Land was faulty, but decided to test to make sure with my working copy of Mario Clash. Thats when I discovered my left eye was now just flashing lines. Is this the screen part I need to solder now or could it be something else? The dropbox link is the video I had taken of it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bo3b3b33w8dkz0h/IMG_4997.MOV?dl=0

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The part that will need to be soldered is the only ribbon cable that you will see when you first open your Virtual Boy. One end will plug into the main board and is held in by friction. The other end of the ribbon will be glued to the LED Array which is essentially the screen of the device. You will need to solder this end to permanently fix your system.

So I believe to quickly answer your question, yes, this is what needs to be soldered and is causing the screen lines.



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