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Since I’ve pretty much decided on my next project is, I’ve decided to make a thread for it so I can ask for help whenever the need arises (and, judging from the way things have been, that will be a lot.)
First off, I have this code problem that is really bothering me. Since right now, I don’t even have anything to load from, when the player presses start and Load game is selected, I want nothing to happen. If the player presses start and new game is selected, I want to have the beginning of the opening sequence play out (which I’ve started coding). The only problem is, if the player presses start when load game is selected, the opening sequence starts. So help me out here. How do I make what I describe happen?

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I made a lot of changes to the code, tried to add useful comments.

I think you are going about this the wrong way. You should work on the core things first, in my oppinion.

For example, design and program the fight function, or the walking around function, something like that.

The idea is you build a component, test the component by giving it a good range of inputs, then go on to the next. Then when you are going along in the game, you can call the functions and you will know they should work.

Anyway, you are sort of doing it backwards by doing all the finishing work first (like the menu and story).

Good luck

The next step is to work on the walking around function. It wasn’t really a very complicated story in the first place. I thought I should have gone in the order of which comes first, i.e. title screen, then a brief overview of what you’re doing, then start walking around.

Oooh, talk about a necropost. Three years later, I’ve decided to come back to this one. Something about the way that Pac-Guy moves reminded me of Zelda, so I thought, “Didn’t I do a Zelda-type game for the VB and then abandon it?” Everything here is working, except the boundaries. Pink (the little guy) can go off screen. What’s next is adding title screen music as well as in-game music. The cave on the upper-left corner is where Pink gets his paper sword (to fight paper creatures, of course!) but I haven’t got that far yet. Tell me if you run across any bugs.

Here is today’s version. Let me know about bugs. I killed the one that happened when you started and the screen was off center. I also added something that happens when you go in the cave that I think is pretty cool.

I really like the title of your game.

Perhaps a full title could be:

The Legend of Helga: A Pink to the Task

How about…

…a Drink from the Flask.

Sounds goods, going to give this a blast later.


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